Sunday, November 15, 2009

Departure Delay

Due to the unfortunate passing of my uncle Ron this Saturday I have postponed the departure to Vancouver until Wednesday, November 18th. I am staying to attend the funeral on Tuesday the 17th
and spend some extra time with my family before embarking on the long three day drive out west. I was given a great visual the other day about driving up to the mountains and then entering into them the closer I get to the coast. This image makes me so anxious to see the mountains and the ocean again. I can't wait to be engulfed by such beauty and nature. I have always had a passion for the ocean and never dreamed that I would live by it someday (well I dreamed of it but never thought it would become my reality)

I want to remember my Uncle Ron in this posting. He was a loving man with a big heart. Although he was taking through a rough journey on this earth he still had room in his heart to love his family so much. His passion for sports, food and family will define his live in my memories. We will miss you Uncle Ron.

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