Saturday, November 21, 2009

Travel Day Two

My Day two drive started at 5am and I was on the road in the dark. When the sky was starting to lighten up and everything looked grey a big buck deer ran out in front of me and I had to hit the brakes. Luckily I say it running from a good distance so I was able to prepare the stop well in advance. Lets just say that woke me right up for the rest of the day!

My drive started out quite flat but to my surprise was mainly hilly and quite a beautiful landscape. I thought that because I was directly south of Saskathewan (sp??) that it would be flat flat flat. There was the a national park that had a big canyon and I drove past herds of deer grazing in fields. I found the drive to be quite relaxing.

The day ended around 5:30 pm, after driving the most km...about 1700km in one day. 15 hour drive when you include the time zone change. I was in the middle of Montana nestled in the mountains. What a great place to stay. It felt so comfortable being surrounded by the mountains. I got free wi-fi there so I was able to chat with Michelle and say hi to Carol and Anne which was nice. It was great seeing familar faces. I didn't expect it to be so difficult leaving Cambridge, I knew I would miss it but didn't expect that I would feel sad leaving. I am definately excited about the future here but will most defineately miss the past.

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