Saturday, November 21, 2009

Travel Day Three

Day three travel began a bit later than the other two because I left myself more time in the day to drive. The weather forcast was expecting snow in the mountains and heavy rain everywhere else. Breakfast was free at the hotel at 6am so I had a cinnamon raisen bagle and a coffee and got on my way. It was beautiful seeing the sun rise behind the mountains. It really creates at creat pink and purple sky!

I was very careful driving because of the rain and snow forcase, but it never really was an issue until I entered Vancouver (of course). There was a few feet of snow on the mountains already but the roads were fairly dry and cleared so it was a great drive. A few times it rained but it was nothing to slow me down.

I stopped at this lookout in Washington that looked out over a river at the bottom of a canyon. What a great view.  It was a petrified forest and was beautiful to look at.

Hours later I entered Seattle and thats were the traffic started. It took me a while to get through the greater Seattle area. Again the border crossing was no major deal and I floated through. Once on highway 99 to Vancouver the storm hit. Huge thunder and lightning, flooded highway areas and accidents (just to add the the regular Vancouver traffic at 5pm on a Friday evening. It took my about an hour and a half to get to the border to the Smiths house.

What an amazing house they have. They were generous enough to give me my own room which I was able to put all my belongs in and out of the car. We had waffles for breakfast this morning and coffee. I'm so excited to get out and see VANCITY!!!

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