Thursday, November 19, 2009

Travel Day One

Wednesday morning I left Cambridge at 4:45am to begin the three day journey our west.

I started driving west to the Sarnia border. At the border I got stuck behind a RV that was stopped in front of me forever. I was getting worried that I definately chose the wrong line to go through. Finally the RV was escorted away by a border officer and I pull up. The lady takes my passport, asks me where I was going and why. I told her I was moving out to Vancouver and she looked through the window and saw all I had stuffed in the car. She then turns to me and says I have to keep you here for one minute. I thought...oh great, now this is going to be a disaster. Then she instantly turned around and said "You're lucky"...I say, What? She said...The RV in front of you was taken for a Random vehicle search, If you were one car ahead you would have been searched! Honestly, I had every square inch of the car packed and if I had to take everything out and try and put it back together it would have been a disaster. The ironic thing was that I almost passed the RV coming up to the border, but decided to stay behind it and be patient.

Once I got into Michigan I started seeing dead deer everywhere. This gave me the idea to begin counting: 13 dead dear on the side of the road, just through Michigan. I drove through Flint Michigan and say a General Motors plant. All that is left is a bus and rail division....It was sad to see after watching Roger and Me, Especially with the automotive industry in the tank and most likely never returning to the glory days of the industrial revolution to the 1990s.

My final destination day one was my hotel at the Mall of America in Minneapolis, Minnesota. It was a massive mall....It might even be larger than the west Edmonton Mall. When I arrived I noticed something that made me leave the mall almost immediately. The Mall of America was a micocasm of America itself. Pure consumerism. All I really say on my first day drive was store after store, after billboard after billboard. When I got into the mall it was the exact same thing I was looking at for 12 hours as I drove to Minneapolis.

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